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I know a cheaper remap

One of the first things we are asked is whats the price of a remap? Price will always be a factor but is not the most important, remapping is altering the brain of your car. If you or one of your loved ones was having to go through brain surgery, would whats the price be your first question?

ST250 on the rolling road

Having your car remapped by an amateur or someone who is not sufficiently qualified and/or does not have the right equipment may DECREASE performance and INCREASE fuel usage as well as damaging your car.

Is a cheaper option always better

Why is a remap on the dyno better? The simple reason being is it gives us information how car is performing, fueling take temps and even possible faults on the car that an normal diagnostic may not pick up.

Dyno graph is proof and gives information

A dyno will also give you proof of what your car is running, so its definite and not just guess work or an exaggerated figure.

Some people can do cheaper maps as they don't use genuine tools which can fry or damage the ECU, or have purchased a disc off the internet with 1000's of files on for as little as £5 many untested or their origins unknown.

Here at Kestrel Prestige Developments we invest in tools and testing of hardware and software.

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