Quantum Synta Z
5W30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Part Number: ZGB115QLB00453L

Type: Engine Oil


FORD WSS-M2C 913-A, WSS-M2C 913-B OR WSS-M2C 913-C

Volume: 5L

Industry Standards - ACEA:A1/B1, A5/B5, API:SM/CF

Manufacturer Specifications Approved: Ford WSS M2C 913 - C

Quantum Synta Z is 5W-30 viscosity, fully synthetic lubricant, formulated to meet the requirements of fuel efficient specifications, particularly those required by major manufacturers such as Ford. This product has been specifically designed for Ford vehicles and is not VW Group specified

Container may vary due to recycling. And protecting the environment.

Quantum Synta Z 5W 30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 5L FORD WSS-M2C 913C 5 30