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AFR what does it mean ?

We have all heard people talking about engines running ‘a bit rich’ or ‘a bit lean’, however what does this genuinely imply? And what effect does it have to your car?

Well, being ‘rich’ or ‘lean’ they may be clearly regarding amount of fuel present in the air/fuel mixture entering the engine. that is also known as the air/fuel ratio, or AFR for brief.

Through ‘a bit rich’ we mean there's an excessive amount of fuel present, and by way of ‘a bit lean’ we imply there is not enough fuel present, therefore the air/fuel ratio is incorrect and needs adjusting to get the stability proper again.

Approximately air/fuel ratios you may additionally heard many people discussing lots about something called ‘Lambda 1’ too.

It is critical due to the fact Lambda 1 is commonly considered to be the factor at which the air and fuel mixture is best for a petrol engine – it’s simply enough fuel to provide a pleasing, smooth, and secure combustion with minimal emissions. This takes place while we have 14.7 components of air to at least one part of fuel, or an air/fuel ratio of 14.7:1.

This ratio is perfect for idling and mild throttle cruising situations as it’s the most efficient mixture possible, that means the high-quality fuel economy and lowest emissions.

but when we want the engine to begin making greater power (when we accelerate, for instance) we don’t want efficiency, we need power.

therefore beneath those situations we need a specific air/gas ratio, wherein we introduce greater fuel to make sure we make extra strength. commonly, maximum engine power is done the usage of an air/gasoline ratio of round 12:1.

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