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The most popular option when tuning the ignition device is a trade of spark plugs. Spark plugs have a heat variety cost and normally decrease values (low heat variety type) are suitable for use in lower heat situations, but in warmer situations, the spark plugs can reason knocking (detonation). high temp range spark plugs work properly at better temperatures however can cause weaker ignition at lower temperatures and possibly misfire. throughout accelerate or other tuning, the explosive pressure inside the combustion chamber is elevated raising the temperature which makes it simpler for knocking to arise that could cause engine damage and so it's miles essential to alternate to better heat variety spark plugs.

it's also essential to manipulate the timing of the ignition which is generally achieved through computer management of the ECU just like the fuelling. Ignition timing denotes whilst the fuel air mixture is combusted and an appropriate timing of this can range depending on conditions. It is typically the case that earlier (advanced) ignition will increase output but becomes extra prone to knocking timing is out (retarded) ignition decreased the possibilities of knocking however also has a tendency to reduce energy and response.

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