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Designing an induction kit

We design a lot of induction kits for many of the big names and even custom make for individuals who want something different or unique. There are many things to consider when starting, mainly will it draw in hot air? So have to think can we get the filter into cold air or can we get cold air to the filter. Every option has some benefits and downfalls.

Locating an air filter into the wing ( 1.8T )

Locating filter in the wing may seem a good idea, but can make fitting an issue, draw water in, or just make the piping to long.

Open cone in the engine bay can draw in hot air or pull in a lack of cold air, so ideally need a heat shield and to put the cone where can pull in cold air.

Another option available is to get cold air to the filter this can be done with a coldfeed pipe, routing cold air for example up from the bumper to the filter in the engine bay.


Shielding the filter from hot air or adding into will help a lot and can also give a unique clean effect.

Honda Accord Custom induction with anodised black pipework.

Custom Intake into an enclosed box

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